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Why Biden’s “Record Player” Goof Was No Gaffe


Joe Biden’s tossed word-salad response in the last Democratic debate on the question of how government or society ought to respond to the legacy of slavery – in which he encouraged parents to talk more to their kids, citing a famous 1995 study finding a 30-million word deficit among children from low-income families – was… »

Why Biden is, and Should Be, the Dem Frontrunner


As the Democratic candidates for president gather Thursday night in Houston for another “debate” – the first in which the top three contenders will share the stage – the race still hinges on one key question: Who among the candidates can defeat President Donald Trump… »

No, Mr. Trump, There is No ‘Invasion’ from the South


President Trump continually uses the word “invasion” to describe the immigration issue on the U.S. Southern border not just for its inflammatory, provocative and incendiary usefulness to his cause, but because it would lay the foundation for his dictatorial seizure of the National Guard. Despite… »

Perils of Polling: Does Kamala Really Lead Joe?


Fans of U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris rejoiced last week when the well-known Quinnipiac University Poll found her leading former Vice President Joe Biden in the race for the Democratic… »

Why It’s Way Too Soon to Celebrate Kamala Harris


Amid the Kamala Harris triumph- alism now reverberating through the Beltway echo chamber, Calbuzz interrupts this program to bring Democrats this public service reminder: The 2020 presidential election is… »

A Viewer’s Guide to the Democratic Debates


By Jerry Roberts, News- makers: From Bernie and Biden to Warren and Williamson, the race for the Democratic presidential nomination begins for real on Wednesday evening — the first… »

The Numbing of America: The Rape of E Jean Carroll

e jean carroll

By Dick Polman, WHYY News: In a normal universe – as opposed to the one we’re forced to inhabit – a vivid allegation of rape, leveled at a serially… »

CA Dems: A Return to Normalcy Is Catching On


By the time the California Demo- crats left San Francisco Sunday – after the Dominatrixes Against Don and the bleeding man anti-circumcision protests; after Elizabeth Warren stole thunder from… »

Road Trip! How Many Ds Can Fit in Moscone Center?


The Calbuzz “How Can You Miss Us if We Won’t Go Away” Reunion Tour will roll into San Francisco this weekend, along with every Democrat in the Northern Hemisphere,… »

Why Democrats – White and Black – Back Joe Biden


Let’s dispense with the notion that name ID explains why former Vice President Joe Biden is repeatedly showing up with double and triple the support of other Democrats in… »

Joe Biden and the Folly of the Pitchfork Brigade


We agree with Harvard Professor Theda Skocpol: “The piling on about Joe Biden’s sometimes unwanted affectionate touches by political competitors and media outlets is shameful.” Biden is 76. He’s… »

FBI vs. Apple: A Case Study of Kamala Equivocation


With unchar- acteristic restraint, Calbuzz balks when people around the country ask us whether Kamala Harris is for real, or just the flavor of the week. Not because California’s… »

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